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About Us

  • Company History

    Fluxtrol Inc. is a merger of Fluxtrol Manufacturing and Centre for Induction Technology. Both companies were founded by Robert S. Ruffini, inventor, entrepreneur and induction heating enthusiast.

  • Industries Fluxtrol Serves

    Fluxtrol Inc. has a distributor network covering more than 20 countries and provides a wide range of magnetic materials and components, cooperative development and educational services worldwide.

  • Patents

    There is a list of selected patents authored by our experts or patents where Fluxtrol is cited which may be useful to those curious about how our material is used.


Fluxtrol's magnetic flux concentrators have exceeded our expectations in the manufacturing of suspension components. They not only helped us lower our induction heating costs, but also improved our part quality.
Predi Medina Process Engineer TRW Canada Ltd.
With the use of Fluxtrol's concentrators, we are able to process parts at a faster rate than using coils without their concentrators.
Tom Benoit President of Flame Treating and Engineering Co.
We regard Fluxtrol Manufacturing as the leading supplier of magnetic flux concentrators in the world, to both OEM's and induction based thermal processors.
David M. Lurie Group Publisher Industrial Heating Magazine

Fluxtrol and CIT made a lot for bringing the induction heating technology to new level of practical use and understanding of this complicated process. It is due to their research in theoretical aspects and use of different magnetic flux concentrator products.
Hans Kristoffersen Senior Researcher, Sweden
Fluxtrol’s concentrators and design assistance helped Retech improve the performance of its cold crucible induction melting furnaces. The gains in efficiency have led to improved melting ability and product quality. This is very important for the advanced complex alloys being brought to market.
Robert Haun Director of New Product Development, Ukiah, USA
Fluxtrol was very good to deal with, both in providing initial design and manufacturing advice for getting the most out of their unique material, as well as help in the wider context of implementation, including cooling and power supply design. I’d certainly use them again in the future.
Martin McBrien Researcher, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge

CIT is well known for contributions in the knowledge base and education via publications, conferences and lecturing. Prof. V. Nemkov is an active member of the Group “Education, Research & Dissemination of Knowledge” of the UIE.
Prof. Dr-Ing. Egbert Baake Academic Director at ETP, Hanover, Germany, President of the UIE