Fluxtrol | Composite Materials for Magnetic Field Control in EPM

Composite Materials for Magnetic Field Control in EPM

  • Authors:V. Nemkov, R. Ruffini, A. Kolesnichenko
  • Abstract:Electromagnetic processing of materials requires generation of magnetic field in a very wide range of frequencies (from DC to several hundred kilohertz) and intensities (up to 12 T). AC magnetic systems are used for material stirring, casting, pouring control, transportation, forming etc. These systems typically may have magnetic circuits made of soft magnetic materials: laminations, ferrites and Soft Magnetic Composites (SMC) also known as Magnetodielectric Materials (MDM). Each type of materials has different electrical, magnetic and mechanical characteristics. This presentation gives an overview of characteristics of different soft magnetic materials and perspective of their use in the electromagnetic processing of materials. Main attention is paid to MDM, a relatively new type of materials. Presentation is based on experience of the authors, literature and discussions with experts in different industries.
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