Fluxtrol | How Accurate is Computer Simulation of Induction Systems?

How Accurate is Computer Simulation of Induction Systems?

  • Authors:V. Nemkov
  • Abstract:Computer simulation is a widely accepted tool for design of induction coils and other components of induction systems, for development of new processes and equipment, for troubleshooting and for teaching and learning. Multiple programs and packages are being used for these purposes, from “home-made” programs to multiphysics packages such as Comsol, Ansys or Flux. One of the first questions, asked by new users, is: “How accurate are the results?". The author has long experience in computer simulation and design of various induction systems and understands well that there is no simple answer to this question.
    This presentation is an attempt to discuss the sources of inaccuracies and provide information on what the user must pay attention to. It may be useful for the software users and developers as well as for all users of induction heating. The study is related to induction heating itself, i.e. to electromagnetic and thermal processes with much less attention to other processes. Simulation of structural transformations, stresses and deformations as well as electromagnetic forces and magnetohydrodynamic processes are not considered in this presentation.
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