Fluxtrol | Induction Heating Automotive Camshaft/Static Hardening Coil

Automotive Camshaft/Static Hardening Coil

  • Application:Automotive Camshaft / Static Hardening Coil
  • Original Concentrator:None
  • Problem / Failure Mode: Unsatisfactory Cycle Times & Poor Heat Pattern Control
  • Power Supply:100 kW (70 kW in use), 10 kHz, (8 kHz in use)
  • Problem / Solution:
    • Customer not satisfied with cycle times and back tempering of adjacent lobe
    • Application evaluated and Fluxtrol A selected
    • No other changes were made other than adding Fluxtrol A
    • Tests meet spec and coil returned to production
  • Fluxtrol Advantage:Cycle Time Reduced 26%, Power Reduced 30% and No Back Tempering of Adjacent Lobes!