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Induction Heating Computer Simulation

Fluxtrol - Induction Heating Computer Simulation
Induction heating computer simulation is a powerful tool for process and induction coil design and power supply/equipment selection. A big advantage of Fluxtrol’s engineering team is the ability to simulate electromagnetic and thermal processes not only in the parts but also in inductors and construction elements within the magnetic field. This is done through several different types of computer simulation programs.
ELTA is an engineering program for quick analysis of induction system and setting the process parameters. Flux 2D is a FEA software for simulation of the electromagnetic and thermal processes, with the added ability to incorporate motion of the part or inductor. Flux 3D is used in more complex or non-symmetrical situations that cannot be reproduced accurately in a two-dimensional environment.
Fluxtrol also has the ability to perform stress and deformation analysis of parts during heat treating and consequent service. This technology allows us to predict part performance and create proposals for manufacturing process optimization.
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