Fluxtrol | Induction Technology

Induction Technology

  • Engineering Services

    For supporting the industrial implementation of new processes, problem solving for existing production processes, or development of new tooling to maximize induction process efficiency.

  • Research and Development

    Services for evaluation, study and physical proof of new concepts in different areas of application.

  • Education

    Services for providing knowledge to all levels of personnel involved in induction heating technology (operators, technicians, engineers, scientists and management).

Centre for Induction Technology

Centre for Induction Technology, Inc. (CIT) was founded in 1993 as an independent technical center of excellence in the field of induction heating. Robert S. Ruffini, founder of both Fluxtrol Mfg and CIT, saw a need for technical support and training for the induction heating industry. To do that, he invited Prof. Valentin S. Nemkov, one of the world’s foremost experts in the induction heating technique, to lead the technical team at CIT. CIT quickly became a premier development center in the industry, bridging the gap between the academic world and traditional induction equipment and tooling companies.
As part of Fluxtrol Inc., Centre for Induction Technology continues to grow and now has a talented, experienced team devoted to the effective development of induction solutions utilizing computer simulation, fundamental theoretical knowledge and practical experience. This allows CIT to provide customers cost effective solutions by improving existing induction processes and development of new technologies on a worldwide basis.