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Innovations in Soft Magnetic Composites and their Applications in Induction Systems

New soft magnetic composites have been added to the current family of materials produced by Fluxtrol Inc. which allows users to increase their range of magnetic flux controller applications and improve their overall…

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Effect of Spray Quenching Rate on Distortion and Residual Stresses during Induction Hardening of a Full-Float Truck Axle

Computer simulation is used to predict the residual stresses and distortion of a full-float truck axle that has been induction scan hardened. Flux2D is used to model the electromagnetic behavior…

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Enhancing Induction Coil Reliability

In induction hardening, thermal fatigue is one of the main failure modes of induction heating coils. There have been papers published that describe this failure mode and others that describe some good design practices. The variables previously identified as the sources of thermal fatigue include radiation…

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Induction Hardening of Gears & Sprockets

Induction heating intensity and heat distribution depends on properties of heated material. For a significant part of the heating process (up to 50%) the surface temperature is above Curie temperature, i.e. the surface layer is non- magnetic…

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Simulation of Induction System for Brazing of Squirrel Cage Rotor

Induction heating is the most progressive method for brazing of squirrel cage (SC) type rotors of electric motors. Frequencies from 3 to 10 kHz are typically being used for brazing of relatively large rotors (diameter more than 200 mm).…

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Recent Design and Operational Developments of Cold Wall Induction Melting Crucibles for Reactive Metals Processing

Retech Systems, LLC has been involved with the design, fabrication, and sales of cold wall induction melting systems for about 30 years…

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Magnetic Flux Control in Induction Installations

Theoretical and practical evidences are presented in the paper, which show that there is still significant potential for improvement in innovative and traditional induction technologies due to magnetic flux control…

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Modeling and Optimization of Cold Crucible Furnaces for Melting Metals

Cold Crucible Furnaces (CCFs), widely used in multiple special applications of melting metals, oxides, glasses and other materials are essentially 3D devices and their modeling is a complicated task…

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Modeling Stress and Distortion of Full-Float Truck Axle During Induction Hardening Process

Computer simulation of induction heat treating processes is relatively widespread within the industry. The bulk of the simulation studies considered coupling two of the multiple phenomena…

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Temperature Prediction and Thermal Management for Composite Magnetic Controllers of Induction Coils

Temperature control of magnetic controllers (concentrators, cores, shields, shunts) is an essential part of the induction coil design. Prediction and study of the coil copper have been described in a presentation “Influence of Cooling…

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Virtual Prototyping of Induction Heat Treating

The time between a product’s definition and production is constantly shrinking. To meet these requirements, extensive use of virtual prototyping has replaced physical models in the mechanical design process. As a result of this, the induction…

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Composite Materials for Magnetic Field Control in EPM

Electromagnetic processing of materials requires generation of magnetic field in a very wide range of frequencies (from DC to several hundred kilohertz) and intensities (up to 12 T). AC magnetic systems are used for…

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Use of Frequency Control to Optimize Induction Axle Scan Hardening

This presentation is a continuation of the optimal design analysis of scanning process and inductors for scan hardening of axles that had been reported in 2007 in two publications [1,2] and in presentation at a conference HES-07 in Padua, Italy [3]. Improvements based on coil optimization…

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Inductors with Magnetic Flux Controllers for New Induction Brazing Installations

Induction brazing is one of traditional applications of induction technique. Many innovative solutions and method were developed during last ten years including new fluxes, filler metals, atmosphere etc. Induction technique responded to new challenges with new miniaturized power supplies, portable…

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New Magnetodielectric Materials for Magnetic Flux Control

Magnetodielectric materials play an important role in improvement of induction systems for heat treatment, brazing, soldering, sealing and other technologies. This presentation is a continuation of the report made at HIS-01. Current report shows the results of development of new magnetodielectric…

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Optimal Design of Internal Induction Coils

Internal induction heating coils are not so well studied as external. Three main induction coil styles were proposed in pioneering works many years ago: Cylindrical coils, Hair-pin coils and Rod-type coils [1, 2]. It was clear from the very beginning that electromagnetic parameters of the coils of two…

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Computer Assisted Induction Aluminum Brazing

Induction brazing of aluminum is becoming more and more common in industry. A typical example is brazing various pipes to an automotive heat exchanger body. The induction coil widely used for this type of process is non-encircling one, which can be…

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How Computer Simulation Helps to Design Induction Heating Systems

Traditionally, induction heating systems have been designed through the use of “Rules of Thumb” and empirical trials. This development style is expensive, time consuming and labor intensive. It is also limited in its ability to find the best solution. Finally, these traditional methods can only be…

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Influence of Magnetic Flux Controllers on Induction Heating Systems

Magnetic flux controllers are used in a wide variety of induction heating processes. However, very few people clearly understand what happens to an induction heating coil when a magnetic flux controller(s) is applied. In addition, formulas for…

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Computer Simulation of Induction Heating Processes

Induction heating computer simulation is a powerful tool for process design and optimization, induction coil design, equipment selection, as well as education and business presentations. The authors share their vast experience in the practical use of computer simulation for different induction…

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Practical Use of Computer Simulation for Advanced Induction Coil and Process Design

The experience, of the authors, in the development and practical use of different programs for 1-D and 2-D simulation of induction heating processes is presented in this paper. A comparison, of simulation versus experimental approach…

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Induction Heating in the Powertrain Industry

There is a demand for improved induction heating technique in the powertrain industry today. Continuously changing tighter product requirements mean what was good just a few years ago is no longer good enough. The existing induction heating equipment and technology within the powertrain industry is…

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Enhancing Induction Heating Processes by Applying Magnetic Flux Controllers

The use of magnetic flux controllers is one of the most effective methods for the improvement of induction heat treating systems. The proper application of the magnetic flux controllers provides work coil efficiency improvement, better utilization of the energy transferred into the part and excellent…

Computer Simulation of Induction Heating and Quenching Processes

Induction heating computer simulation is a powerful tool for process design and optimization, induction coil design, equipment selection, as well as education and business presentations. The authors share their vast experience in the practical use of computer simulation for different induction heating…
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