Fluxtrol | Induction Technology Engineering Services

Induction Technology Engineering Services

  • Consulting Services

    Fluxtrol, Inc. offers consulting services to assist its customers in solving their problems.

  • Computer Simulation

    Induction heating computer simulation is a powerful tool for process and induction coil design, as well as power supply and equipment selection.

  • Induction Coil Design

    The Fluxtrol induction coil design team has over 125 years of combined experience in modeling induction processes, designing induction coils, manufacturing and operating induction heating systems.

  • Prototyping and Validation

    With the ability to create production mock-ups and run prototype parts, Fluxtrol’s lab can be a useful validation tool for design concepts and production parts.

  • On-Site Support

    Once induction coils or other installation components have been designed or produced in our facility, Fluxtrol can provide on-site support at the customer’s site.