Fluxtrol Products - Fluxtrol 50 soft magnetic composite for induction heating

fluxtrol 50Fluxtrol 50

(Frequency: 10-1000 kHz)

Excellent performance over a wide range of frequencies. Good magnetic permeability for low and medium frequency applications, yet offers the highest permeability in the Fluxtrol family of soft magnetic materials in high frequency applications. Material has excellent mechanical strength, machinability and thermal conductivity.

Note: There are many variables involved in an induction process. In order to utilize the fullest potential of our product, you must help narrow down the parameters you are operating with. Each grade of Fluxtrol material has its own distinctive properties that are beneficial to a certain range of electrical and design parameters. Contact Fluxtrol Inc. to receive more information about which material is right for you.
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Fluxtrol 50 Properties

Fluxtrol - Fluxtrol 50 Properties

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Fluxtrol - Fluxtrol 50 Graphs

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