Fluxtrol | Enhancing Induction Coil Reliability

Enhancing Induction Coil Reliability

  • Authors:K. Kreter, R. Goldstein, C. Yakey, V. Nemkov
  • Abstract:In induction hardening, thermal fatigue is one of the main failure modes of induction heating coils. There have been papers published that describe this failure mode and others that describe some good design practices [1-3]. The variables previously identified as the sources of thermal fatigue include radiation from the part surface, frequency, current, concentrator losses, water pressure and coil wall thickness. However, there is very little quantitative data on the factors that influence thermal fatigue in induction coils available in the public domain. By using finite element analysis software this study analyzes the effect of common design variables of inductor cooling, and quantifies the relative importance of these variables. A comprehensive case study for a single shot induction coil with Fluxtrol A concentrator applied is used for the analysis. Figure 1 shows the 2D plane analyzed using Flux 2D.
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