Fluxtrol | Magnetic Flux Control in Induction Installations

Magnetic Flux Control in Induction Installations

  • Authors: Dr. V. Nemkov
  • Abstract:It is well known that performance of some induction systems may be significantly improved by application of magnetic flux controllers [1,2]. They are used to concentrate, shield and/or redistribute the magnetic field which generates power in the part. Theoretical and practical evidences are presented in the paper, which show that there is still significant potential for improvement in innovative and traditional induction technologies due to magnetic flux control. Utilizing magnetic flux controllers in heat treating processes results in excellent heat pattern control and improvement of parameters of inductors and entire power delivery systems. In melting systems, especially in the case of vacuum furnaces, cold crucible and other specialty furnaces, the magnetic control can provide energy savings, magnetic field shielding, shorter melting cycles and optimized field distribution for metallurgical processes. Comparison of different groups of materials for magnetic flux control (laminations, ferrites and Soft Magnetic Composites, aka Magnetodielectrics) is also presented in the paper. Several examples of magnetic flux control illustrate the presented material based on more than 20 years of R&D and practical experience of scientists and practitioners at Fluxtrol Inc.
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