Soft Magnetic Composite (SMC) Materials

Welcome to Fluxtrol, Inc. We are the world's leading manufacturer of Soft Magnetic Composite (SMC) materials used for induction heating in all industries.


Induction Heating Coil Design and Fabrication

We provide world-class engineering and manufacturing of induction heating coils used for all induction heating applications of any size.


Induction Research and Development Services

We provide modeling, optimization, and prototype services for any induction processes, utilizing state-of-the-art computer simulation (CAE) tools.


Advancing Induction Technology

Fluxtrol, Inc., a merger of Fluxtrol, Manufacturing and Centre for Induction Technology, can assist you in attaining optimal induction heating solutions using proprietary magnetic materials, scientific knowledge, engineering experience, skills and creativity.

Fluxtrol Soft Magnetic Materials
Soft Magnetic Materials

Fluxtrol, Inc. is the world leader in magnetic flux control in induction heating systems and other applications. Fluxtrol does research, develops and manufactures magnetic flux controllers using proprietary soft magnetic composites produced in both machinable and moldable varieties. The properties of these materials allow using them effectively in a wide range of applications.

Fluxtrol Induction Heating Coils
Induction Heating Coil Design

Fluxtrol has a talented, experienced team devoted to research and development. Our areas of research include magnetic flux concentration and control, materials for magnetic flux control, properties of magnetic flux controllers, induction heating coil design, commercial computer simulation, technical consulting and cooperative induction technology development.

Fluxtrol R&D Services
R&D Services

Research and Development is one of the core competencies of Fluxtrol. Fluxtrol's R&D team offers a unique combination of practical and theoretical experience coupled with creativity and openness to new ideas. The main cornerstones of our R&D are: deep understanding of induction heating and related phenomena, the use of an idea of Magnetic Flux Control and Computer Modeling.

Fluxtrol Technical Library
Technical Resources

Our online library contains a wealth of information from Basics of Induction Heating to Design of Induction Heating Coils in the form of special courses, image gallery, presentations and videos.

Fluxtrol Contact Us
Contact Us

Our knowledgeable Customer Service team is available during business hours to answer your questions in regard to Fluxtrol product, pricing, ordering and other information. If you have technical questions about induction heating, material properties, our engineering and educational services, please contact our experts by phone, e-mail or mail.

About Fluxtrol

About Us

Fluxtrol Inc. has a distributor network covering more than 20 countries and provides a wide range of magnetic materials and components, cooperative development and educational services worldwide.

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