Soft Magnetic Materials

Soft Magnetic Materials

Fluxtrol Soft Magnetic Materials How Magnetic Controllers Work
How Magnetic Controllers Work

Magnetic flux control plays a key role in optimal coil design. We offer custom induction coil design to maximize production efficiencies to produce better parts for less cost.

Fluxtrol Soft Magnetic Materials Fluxtrol Products
Fluxtrol® Products

Fluxtrol is the world leader in the development and production of soft magnetic composites and ready-to-use magnetic flux controllers for induction heating and other applications. We provide customers with a range of standard materials as well as customized products.

Fluxtrol Soft Magnetic Materials Installation Technique
Installation Technique

Controller application technique plays a very important role in successful performance of induction coils. This section describes the best practices for machining, assembling, protecting and maintaining magnetic controllers.

Fluxtrol Soft Magnetic Materials Technologies Served
Technologies Served

Using theoretical knowledge, computer simulation and proprietary materials, the experts at Fluxtrol develop new processes and optimize existing processes ranging from heat treating and melting to welding and contactless power transfer for different industries.