About Fluxtrol

About Fluxtrol

Fluxtrol Incorporated®, a merger of Fluxtrol Manufacturing, and Centre for Induction Technology can partner with you to attain optimal induction heating solutions using our proprietary magnetic materials, scientific knowledge, engineering experience, and innovative solutions.

Fluxtrol Manufacturing was founded in 1981 by Robert S. Ruffini, inventor, entrepreneur, and induction heating enthusiast who specialized in the development and manufacture of soft magnetic composites for magnetic flux control in induction systems.

In 1993, he founded Centre for Induction Technology (CIT) for the purpose of education and promotion of induction technologies. As a visionary he had invited Professor Dr. Valentin Nemkov, one of the world’s foremost experts in induction heating technique, to lead CIT’s technical efforts: to provide innovative and practical solutions for much needed productivity, to develop and enhance Fluxtrol‘s portfolio of products and educate user-professionals for the induction excellence for all concerned. Fluxtrol, Inc. and CIT have not only been advancing induction heating technologies for more than three decades, but also have become a world leader in the manufacture and supply of soft magnetic composites. Additionally, we provide a wide range of induction heating technology engineering services to a multitude of global industries.

We have a team of 20 induction heating experts including ten engineers with a wealth of real industry experience that service a global distribution network covering more than 50 countries. Our engineering team along with the combined efforts of our customer’s specialists has brought forth many innovative solutions being used in thousands of applications ranging from automotive to aerospace, oil and gas, special metallurgy, biomedical and food industry.

Research and Development

Research and development is one of the core competencies of Fluxtrol and Centre for Induction Technology. The three cornerstones of our R&D are:

  • Fundamental understanding of induction technique
  • Use of the magnetic flux controllers (made of soft magnetic composites)
  • Computer modeling and process simulation


We are dedicated to promoting the art and science of induction technology. this mission of education and “Advancing Induction technology” comes in the form of personal training, conferences and seminars, as well as our special online Induction heating course.

Industrial Applications

Fluxtrol Inc. has a distributor network covering more than 20 countries and provides a wide range of magnetic materials and components, cooperative development and educational services worldwide.


View a list of selected patents authored by our experts or patents where Fluxtrol is cited which may be useful to those curious about how our material is used.