Education in Induction Technology

Education in Induction Technology

Fluxtrol Personal Training
Personal Training

CIT organizes courses at the Fluxtrol facility for individuals and groups of industrials, which include specifically tailored lectures on theory and simulation as well as practical training in coil design and manufacturing, magnetic controller installation and the process setup and demonstration.

Fluxtrol Online Induction Heating Course
Induction Heating Course

Our course is developed for people with different technical levels (final users, designers, coil manufacturers, technical personnel, managers, etc.) for better understanding induction heating, equipment to be used, how to design optimal processes and inductors using computer simulation, the benefits of magnetic flux control, concentrator material selection and application technique, etc.

Fluxtrol Conferences and Seminars - Seminar in Luoyang, China, 2006
Conferences & Seminars

Our experts regularly make presentations at different conferences (HES, ASM, IFHTSE, SME, SAE, SAMPE, AEROMAT, etc.) and educational seminars in USA, Mexico, China, India, Brazil, and other countries.

Centre for Induction Technology - Education

CIT is a recognized center of research and different forms of education ranging from Personal Training to Conferences and Seminars and a special Online Induction Heating Course. Multiple presentations, articles and books prepared by experts of CIT also contain very important cognitive information about theory and practice in induction technology, see Technical Library. CIT experts offer individual or group training courses in computer simulation using programs Flux 2D/3D and Elta for simulation of the electromagnetic and thermal processes in induction heating systems.

Cooperation with major scientific groups in USA, Germany, Italy, Russia, Sweden and Norway allows us to be at the cutting edge of induction technology and education in this field.