Case Histories

Case Histories

Fluxtrol A
Induction Heating Aluminum Brazing of Heat Exchanger

Problem / Failure Mode: Cold Joints, Leaking Joints, Localized Overheating

Fluxtrol 50
Induction Heating Fastener Heat Treating Channel Coil

Problem / Failure Mode: Insufficient Production Rate

Fluxtrol A - Case Study 2
Induction Heating Automotive Camshaft Static Hardening Coil

Problem / Failure Mode: Unsatisfactory Cycle Times & Poor Heat Pattern Control

Fluxtrol A - Case Study 3
Induction Heating Tractor Hub Simple OD Coil with Integral Quench

Problem / Failure Mode: Long cycle times and poor heat pattern control

Fluxtrol A - Case Study 4
Induction Heating Case Harden S-Cam

Problem / Failure Mode: Extended Cycle Times / Loss of Pattern Control

Shaft Coil
Induction Heating Case Hardening by Rotating

Problem / Failure Mode: Short Coil Life / Corrosion & Overheating of Laminations

Fluxtrol A - Case Study 5
Case Harden Wheel Hub with Single Bearing Race

Problem / Failure Mode: Short Coil Life / Copper Failure of 2 Half Turns Copper