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Induction Coils

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Fluxtrol Magnetic Controllers
Magnetic Controllers

Magnetic flux control plays a key role in optimal coil design. We offer custom induction coil design to maximize production efficiencies to produce better parts for less cost.

Fluxtrol Induction Coil Design
Induction Coil Design

The Fluxtrol induction coil design team has over 125 years of combined experience in modeling induction processes, designing induction coils, manufacturing and operating induction heating systems.

Fluxtrol Computer Simulation
Computer Simulation

Induction heating computer simulation is a powerful tool for process and induction coil design, as well as power supply and equipment selection.

Fluxtrol Prototyping and Validation
Prototyping and Validation

With the ability to create production mock-ups and run prototype parts, Fluxtrol’s lab can be a useful validation tool for design concepts and production parts.