Application Technique

Safety Tips and Fire Precautions

Machining Safety Tips:

  • Use general safety precautions for metal machining when machining Fluxtrol material.
  • Chips produced during machining may be in the form of curls (typical for Ferrotron materials), small chips or powder. They are not hazardous; see Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).
  • Solid pieces of Fluxtrol materials don’t support fire when heated but accumulated machining dust or debris could support a smoldering fire.
  • The primary source of combustion is friction. Red hot chips or “sparks” may be thrown off, fall or drop into the debris collection tray of a lathe, bandsaw, milling or grinding machine.

Fire Precautions:

  • Use machining conditions that don’t produce “sparks”.
  • Clean all collection (or “catch”) trays before machining Fluxtrol & Ferrotron concentrators, removing any remnant debris.
  • Use water, wet rags or CO2 extinguisher to extinguish any glowing/smoldering areas.
  • Never use vacuum cleaner type dust collectors to catch falling dust or debris. Instead, use an approved dust collector over the machining operation. This is best for removing all airborne particles.
  • Inspect by spreading dust and/or debris for accidental combustion during and after machining operations.